Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning

During the financial planning process, I’ll take the time necessary to understand your current situation and well as your dreams for the future.  Next, I’ll conduct a comprehensive review of your financial life.  This may include many different elements, but here are a few examples:

  • Helping you decide how much to save for retirement, or if you’re already retired, how much you can safely spend.

  • An unbiased review of your current insurance. This will include both looking for potential gaps where you don’t have the coverage you need as well as finding areas where you might be spending more than necessary given your needs.

  • A review of your savings and investments to ensure that you’re taking on the right amount of risk and not paying more than absolutely necessary in fees and expenses.

  • A walk through of your monthly budget to determine things like the following:

    • Ensuring that your spending lines up with your values

    • Finding ways to trim unnecessary expenses with minimal impact to your lifestyle

    • Examining your overall spending level to help you understand the tradeoffs between current needs and long-term dreams

  • Looking at your employee benefits to make sure that you’re optimizing your approach. For example, many employers still offer mid-priced health insurance plans that cost, say, $2,000 more per year than the cheapest plan but offer a maximum of $1,000 in additional benefits.

  • A review of numerous other aspects of your financial life depending on your unique circumstances or any questions that you might have.

Once this review is complete I’ll work with you to get a plan in place to ensure that you’re not making expensive mistakes or missing attractive hidden opportunities.  This will include a list of action steps that will give you a list of concrete and specific tasks that will help move you forward on the path towards financial peace of mind.

Given that the above list can sometimes be reasonably long, I’ll also work together with you over time to prioritize and execute.  If you’d like, I can set up regular check-ins where we can discuss progress, provide accountability and work together to overcome any roadblocks.

Finally, in the immortal words of that great philosopher Mike Tyson “everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”  It’s inevitable that your situation will change over time.  Maybe it’s a professional setback, a change of heart about your career choice, or a loved one in need of unexpected medical care.  Or maybe it’s the arrival of a new child or grandchild or perhaps you just decide that you’d really like to buy a fancy new car.  Whatever the case, I’ll be available to revise your plan, update your action steps and work with you as much as necessary to keep you on the right path.


  • $2,500 for an initial financial plan

  • The cost of ongoing planning, support, implementation and coaching varies based on your income. My fee for these services is 1.5% of your gross monthly earnings.

  • All ongoing fees are fully waived for investment management clients in cases where management fees would exceed planning fees (in other words, I won't double charge you if you want both services)